Happy New Year - 新年快乐

Happy Chinese New Year from the heart of China Town in Bangkok.

I took the BTS to Saphan Taskin and then onto the Orange Boat (15 Baht) to the Rajchawongse stop. 

Then the exploration began, walking along Ratchawong Road it got busier and busier - coming to Yaowarat Road there was an explosion of colour - primarily red of course.

The pavements were rapidly packed - wonderful - giving way everywhere, I gave up and walked on the main street instead.

My enjoyment continued as the amount of people also continued to increase. 

Stopping here and there I bought some T.shirts and a dragon on a stick.

Then it was time for a coffee - I found a wonderful cafe - Chata speciality coffee - it was looked like a Sino-Portugese Building and it was an exemplary setting.

And the coffee was nice as well.

Then it was time to visit a Chinese shrine to pay respect - I found Chao Mae Kuan Im Shrine ศาลเจ้ากวนอิม 觀音古廟 - it was down the small road running parallel to the Yaowarat Rd - Phat Sai Road. Then back to the main road - visiting another Chinese Shrine where we were not allowed to take photographs.

Then it was time to walk through the small alleys to reach the port.


Arianna Caroli - artist in Residence

Two more days left to see Arianna Caroli at Central...

On the ground floor.

Wildlife dos and don'ts

Please think about this when you visit Thailand - 
visit one of the many elephant protection centers?

Plugs of the World - an APP for your holiday

Which plug do I need when I come to Thailand?


Do you know which AC power plug and wall socket are​ used on your destination when traveling? The official sources on the web are not always up-to-date or reflecting on what's actually used by common people in some countries.

With almost 160 000 downloads Plugs of the World has received a lot of feedback from traveling user's who reported back of what the current status is (thank you all for your reports!).

This app contains information about wall plugs, sockets, and voltage in over 250 countries and regions. Also features an easy to use navigation, free text search and option to save your favorite destinations. Each plug type and the socket are illustrated with clear sharp images that you can share with friends.

This happened again - I was happy that I had this information available when I was visiting because for some people this can be a serious mistake or simply just annoying.

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Cost: $0.99
Ease of use: simple - but it doesn't help if you don't have the adaptor!
Comment: fab for the traveller
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/plugs-of-the-world/id403700532?mt=8

If you need more information about Apps then visit here - 

The Winter Festival

The first thing to notice is that the sides of the road are decorated with things to go and look at - later I did and then then the Royal Barge is raised and decorated all over - really quite special - wow.

There were so many people and the majority were dressed in clothes from the heritage of King Rama V - these were the guards of the same era. These gentlemen were under quite a lot of demand to be photographed with!
Then came the statue of King Rama V on horseback where there were people regularly paying respects.

I liked the yellow marigolds best.

Then more flowers and a fountain - very photogenic spot for people.

But the last (but not least) were a row of smaller fountains leading to the Palace – all really quite special. Walking back to the front I tried a Facebook Live - which was a bit haphazard so I tried editing it a little here it is - 

There are also small places along either side which you can visit to experience the culture change - do you know the car? The bank is still here in Thailand.

There are exhibitions in honour of King Rama V (he is on horseback) and King Bhumibol Adulyadej and money will be donated from this to charitable projects helping troubled citizens in Thailand. The cultural performances and an outdoor cinema but not on when I visited.

Admission is free but please take identity, dress with respect and you are encouraged to wear traditional attire, especially that worn during the reign of Rama V.