That snake was big!!

Wow - this was certainly a big snake. I really do need to work out how to take photographs in the dark OR use video.


It was big!!

Paper models in Phuket

This paper model shop has been in Phuket for a number of years. I have visited the coffee shop a number of times Phuketique and always popping whilst waiting for the bus...

But I am not allowed take a photograph - here are some that i took a snap of when I walked past

Thai single dish meals

Thai food can be so simple.
Here are single dish meals - easy to prepare but still tasty.

Poster is from Amazing Thailand.

Central Festival - a makeover?

Central Festival was always somewhere that we visited to get some shopping and I always loved to have a cup of coffee and the best place for a Cup Cake - Joob Joob but it has now gone - it is no more.

But then it was gone - all of it! Then there was no deep fried ice-cream.

Then the Japanese Restaurant Zen had gone...

A trip to Chiang Mai

Our trip to Chiang Mai started with an early flight from Phuket and we fled on Thai Smile direct from Phuket and a quick trip and we were at Kantary Hills.

We needed lunch so we went to Guu Fusion Roti and Tea - delicious and certainly popular with the local people.

Then it was off to visit Wat Phra Singh Waramahavihan - a beautiful old temple.

Next it was Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara - tranquil, whilst the sun set, a temple where only men were allowed to enter (not something I have seen often).

Then Wat Chiang Man - a very old temple and peaceful.

Then it was time to visit the Chiang Mai Night Safari - not quite a place which I feel treats the animals with respect...

Then we went back to Guu Fusion Roti and Tea for dinnerThen we returned to Kantary Hills for a sleep. 

The next morning was wonderful - the monks arrived to give blessings and then we had breakfast.

The early start meant that we visited Mon Cham (Mon Jam) - a royal project - it was wonderful - we had a tea and scones on the top of the hill, beautiful - I could find very little information about it.

Then it was time to visit the crazy go-kart ride and then the market - a lot of fun.

Then more craziness - Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster - fun but the Zipline was very busy and we had not booked.

Time for a coffee on the way back and we stopped at a scenic point called 'มอนผาโคงand had a coffee at 'Love' - a beautiful view.

We visited a temple which I do not know the name of but it was quite beautiful.

Then it time to visit the Baan Tong Luang village - where we met the Karen Long Neck hilltribe - 'Padaung'. To this day I am still a little disturbed about this to be honest...

The we drove past Wat Umong - a 700 year old Temple - this you really must visit - beautiful and perfect.

Then we needed somewhere to stay - Baan Chang Tong Hotel was our choice - a totally amazing place - a swimming pool outside our door - immaculate. We needed dinner so we walked over the river (taking the Narawat bridge) to a restaurant by the river - The Gallery.

The next morning it was up early and time to visit some temples - Wat Bupparam was the first - beautiful - maybe I should start each morning with a visit to a temple.

Then the next stop was Wat Saen Fang - วัดแสนฝาง (แสนฝัง) - another beautiful example.

Then we visited a local market - Waroros - very busy early in the morning.

Chiang Mai is certainly a wonderful place to visit.