No name burgers - a place to visit?

Image from Coconuts
"Former London boxer Gareth Payne lost both his legs in a horrific train accident in the UK seventeen years ago. Today, he battles to make it in Bangkok by selling burgers on the street. 
Photos of Payne grilling meat at his humble burger cart, called “No Name Burgers,” have caught the attention of local media this week. Many Thais honor him as a good example of someone who doesn’t give up."
This is certainly somewhere to visit in Bangkok - have you?

Bangkok is a gigantic park

Bangkok is one gigantic park - wonderful Google Maps - just when I am moving jobs there...

Oh no it isn't - do you believe everything on your phones?

Some people don't stop looking... 

(Sorry this was a video of a person on a phone walking into a water fountain)

Some power banks can't fly...

Well I was a little confused when I saw this bin at Bangkok Airport - are they stopping the power bank from flying?

Then I found this one - do you know what capacity your charger is?

Jamie in Phuket and 2016

Congratulations to Jamie and his writing to be in the Phuket News.

Hope that you are in there for 2017 as well. 

We look forward to meeting you at The Beach Bar.

A bicycle ride with the family

All of us have a bicycle now so we took the opportunity to take a ride together in the morning.

We cycled to Sapan Hin.

We then cycled around the busy park and market.

Then we stopped for a drink - not sure if this was appropriate or particularly safe?

Then it was time for breakfast...

and on the way home a stop to see an Alex Face painting.